Career Coaching and Consulting in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington

IMPORTANT note: This coaching practice is closed. I have retired to all but former clients and am not able to take on any new clients. I am sorry I can’t be of service to you.  A referral for you: Stacey Lane in Portland. I have met her, have respect for her, and find her approaches similar to mine.

Accomplished professionals come to career coaching at some juncture in their work lives. Most often, they have focused their career on building

dePolo Photography professional skills and experience. When they find themselves needing to look at a job or career change, they realize that looking for a job is very different than doing the job.

For over 20 years, I have been helping working professionals as a career coach and career counselor. I bring a practical, pragmatic approach to career coaching from my background in executive search, sales and project management. My goal is to help you be pro-active and successful in any job market – no matter the economy, your discipline or even your old beliefs about what is possible. My practice has drawn professionals from all parts of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, including Menlo Park, Palo Alto, San Mateo and the Silicon Valley. Whether you seek assistance in writing a resume or brushing up your interviewing skills, or need to take a deeper look into what you want to do, I can help you achieve your goals.

Is your job search stuck?
You’ve never had to look for a job. You keep sending resumes or applying online and get no response. What works, especially today? Taking yourself to market is a skill set that few are taught.  Knowing and practicing the high-return activities is what will move your search forward, from ideas into action.   See Job Search Skills.

Has It Been Years Since You Wrote a Resume?
Key to an effective resume is identifying and communicating your unique “Brand” – the skills, knowledge and unique character traits that you bring and specific examples of times that you have demonstrated them. The resume must also make it through today’s electronic screening systems.   See Resume Writing.

“What Is a Personal Brand?”
Old resumes used to begin with your Objective. That is no longer true. Today’s market has shifted radically to focus on what you uniquely bring. We have tools to help you sort through years of experience and identify your individual strengths, your “brand”, quickly.
See Personal Brand.

Are You Considering Changing Careers Or Industry?
Your industry is dead or has left the area.  You want to explore something different, something that better suits your talents or lifestyle. Changing careers is often a daunting idea. While it usually takes longer than a traditional search, there is a defined approach and the reward is worth the effort.

You may also be considering consulting or other entrepreneurial endeavors. There are activities and exercises to see if this will work for you and how to launch your efforts successfully.   See Career Shifting.