About K.C.

KC Anderson

IMPORTANT note: This coaching practice is closed. I have retired to all but former clients and am not able to take on any new clients. I am sorry I can’t be of service to you.  A referral for you: Stacey Lane in Portland. I have met her, have respect for her, and find her approaches similar to mine. 



I believe that living well includes the ability to do a job search or career transition with confidence. It is a set of skills and a process that, once learned, means you can be pro-active and successful – no matter the economy, your discipline or even your old beliefs about what is possible.

I bring to that belief a career that includes:

  • 21 years executive search. I learned the often surprising things that employers say after the candidate leaves the interview, and saw clearly that even the most senior managers had little practice in the “art” of presenting themselves
  • 14 years career management consulting – corporate outplacement and private practice. I have worked with all disciplines including:
    • Engineering, scientists, IT and other technologists
    • Health care – Non-clinical
    • Accounting and Finance
    • Marketing
    • Operations
    • Administrative & Executive Assistants
  • 12 years sales in corporate training and consulting.  I have successfully sold large and small engagements to Fortune 1000 clients, and learned the value of approaching the sale from the customer’s view. This applies well to “selling” yourself in the job search process.
  • Stanford-Certified Project Manager (SCPM).  As a project manager, I convey the job search as a defined process that helps clients feel less overwhelmed.
  • I have successfully navigated 3 career transitions.Changing careers is often the most daunting idea to a client. While it usually takes longer than a traditional search, there is a defined approach and the reward of landing in satisfying, rewarding work is worth the effort.
  • Member, National Career Development Association (NCDA). Every discipline changes with time. I seek through professional association and development to continue to learn and practice the very best career strategies for today’s market and to keep the highest professional standards.

My clients are bright, talented people who are at some juncture in their work lives. My role varies; at times it is as simple as helping them craft a resume. At others, it is a significant dive into what they want and who they are. Many times what I bring is the ability to synthesize what I hear and return it in a way that gives my client the ability to own what they have achieved, and to speak clearly about how they can bring that to a new employer or new role. That is the most satisfying part of my work.



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