Career Shifting

IMPORTANT note: This coaching practice is closed. I have retired to all but former clients and am not able to take on any new clients. I am sorry I can’t be of service to you.  A referral for you: Stacey Lane in Portland. I have met her, have respect for her, and find her approaches similar to mine.

You may be driven to considering a career shift because of a lay off or severe market change. A time of economic turmoil often prompts us to career shiftinglook more seriously at the options. Or, you may have long yearned for something “more satisfying”, but moderate success in your current career makes it hard to consider making a change. You know you are not feeling fulfilled, but the effort and risk to change seems large, and the road to get there undefined. A career change requires more thought, investigation and often, uncertainty, but with support and a process, many have happily made this move successfully.

Having a roadmap makes the process less daunting. We will look at 3 key areas:

  • Time and money
  • Values and motivators
  • Market investigation

Whether you are exploring entrepreneurship, a career change or an industry shift, taking the time to address all three areas will give you a firm grounding for making a sound decision about this next phase of your career.

Tools that can be used include:

  1. Values and Motivators exercise
  2. Skills and Knowledge clarifiers
  3. Interview model 360° assessment
  4. Informational interviews

Career shift requires effort, but when thoughtfully done, brings wonderful rewards.


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