Job Search Skills and Roadmap

IMPORTANT note: This coaching practice is closed. I have retired to all but former clients and am not able to take on any new clients. I am sorry I can’t be of service to you.  A referral for you: Stacey Lane in Portland. I have met her, have respect for her, and find her approaches similar to mine.

Most professionals have had some experience in the job search process. You have written a resume, interviewed, maybe even networked, been job skillshired. But like any set of skills, there are best practices.

Job search is not a process that most people like or want to spend a great deal of time doing. The biggest benefit in knowing best practices is your ability to spend time on activities that have the highest return.

We have practical tips and tools for each phase of the Job Search Process:

  • Assessing your talents and goals
  • Resume writing
  • Posting on job boards / Creating search agents
  • LinkedIn / Social Networking sites
  • Working with recruiters and contracting firms
  • Interviewing
  • Negotiating
  • Smart career navigating, after you accept a position 

Clients are often surprised at how much they learn and how much more successful they are in their job search endeavors. You will have skills and knowledge that give you a competitive advantage for the rest of your career.


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